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Discover how + why our O.N. Course members are actually getting results... without a single fight or protest… So you can finally stop O.D.’ing on useless data digital wars + start standing inside the tools that will actually get you (and your family) your lives back.

It’s been over a year; If you’re still in the same mental, emotional, financial + physical spot you were a year ago + following freedom groups online hasn't changed anything for you, then you’re likely missing very key components as to what it means to be free, that nobody is telling you.

As we gear up to launch THE ARC, our PRIVATE MEMBER - SHIP SPACE for ON NOTICE graduates, we want to share a part of the ON NOTICE course that will start to make massive impact on your standing + how you act to get what you want, whether you take the course + join our activated community building spaces, or not.




November 5, 2021
5:57pm Eastern Time


  • Who is your government?
  • Do we have one? Do we have a constitution?
  • Where does that place YOU?
  • Why you are losing when you claim human rights violations?
  • The 1 thing that needs to be removed in order to gain your power back.
  • The 2 things you need to learn the language of to start getting REAL results in public + private settings, to move freely.
  • How constitutional cases being lost in courts are REMOVING your rights + how to start winning without them or their high legal fees.
  • FREE DOWNLOADABLE DOCUMENT: Canada is a Corporation.

Guided by Nicole + Kerry

Over the past year, we’ve watched the world change. Then we got tired of watching the world happen TO us and not FOR us. So we merged our expertise in legal + financial services and Health + Neurosceince based Spirituality, to create a space where critical thinking + contracts become the foundation for freeing the soul + civilian from self imprisonment.

We teach fundamental self navigation, negotiation + contract principles that inform, connect and align the soul with the truth from the inside, out, of which cannot be fooled by false or toxic contracts we knowingly or unknowingly sign through passive or active consent.

When you know more, there is no more signing onto soul or civil contracts that enslave your inner freedom, finances, families or future.

Knowing who are, where you stand + how to stand for it changes lives.


"To get what you want, you have to know who you are. Freedom is an inside-out job. "

Kerry + Nicole,



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